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Animal Crossing Scrapbook - Part 2

So Animal Crossing has kind of taken over my life. Since buying the game in May, I've invested almost 500 hours. But since COVID-related stress and depression have sapped most of my energy and motivation away, it's been a real blessing as an outlet for creativity and something to look forward to each day. So here's my scrapbook of Animal Crossing memories, Part 2!

One of my favorite projects was dividing up the island into neighborhoods based on the kind of fruit I planted there. It was a lot of fun creating the design for these signs in the Custom Designs app.

Peach Tree Lane, my beachfront residential area

Able Orchard, where the Abel sisters have set up shop

The Orange Coast, my other main residential area

I've also been playing around with Harv's Island, which gives you a nearly infinite amount of furniture to design with. If I have a design idea, but I don't have room for it on my island or I want to see how it would look before I put real effort into it, I can throw it all together in Harv's studio.

Kids' library/playroom

The honeymoon suite at a cheap motel

Seaside library

The angels have the phone box...

Rosehaven has been hosting plenty of new activities too, including a fireworks festival every Sunday in August!

My seaside restaurant, Chez Shell, has a perfect view of the fireworks.

Wishing on shooting stars along a neglected coastline...

...and at my star-gazing picnic in a field of flowers!

The picnic was also the perfect place to see my first rainbow!

I got to take part in my first fishing tourney! So of course I had to dress the part.

And of course, getting to share the island with my villagers is wonderful as well.

A trip to the aquarium with Kitty

Marina's rendition of The Little Mermaid, singing as the waves crash against the rocks behind her

Hazel calls me her bestie now. I had absolutely nothing to do with that.

Zucker ... compliments me, sorta?

Catching Kitty taking a catnap.

Poppy's birthday!

There were sad farewells...

...and happy hellos!

Molly enjoys a cool drink on a summer evening.

Zucker and Marina's awkward first date!

And of course, sharing my island with my wife is the biggest joy of all.

Inside her house

The teddy bear tea party she designed, based on a similar creation from @acnhkiwiws on Instagram

Don't blink...

All images were captured in Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch.

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